Dogen Zenji: The Shobogenzo

Dogen Shobogenzo

Dogen Zenji: The Shobo-genzo by Yuho Yokoi

Wenn Buddhas wahrhaft Buddhas sind, dann sind sie nicht gewahr, Buddhas zu sein

Dogen Zenji:

The Shobogenzo by Yuho Yokoi, Professor of English, Aichigakuin University.

Tokyo: Sankibo Buddhist Bookstore, 1986.

Octavo. [2], 7, [1 blank], 876, 1, [1 blank] pp.

White pigskin over boards, title in black on spine, covers with a pointillé-design. Japanese paper flyleaves with a design of small silver and golden squares on a silver-golden spotted ground, green handmade headbands. Bound by rfm.

Dōgen Zenji, 道元禅師, Dōgen Kigen, 道元希玄, Eihei Dōgen, 永平道元 (1200-1253) (19 January 1200 - 22 September 1253) was a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher born in Kyoto, and the founder of the Japanese Sōtō, Sōtō-shū 曹洞宗, school of Zen. He was a leading Buddhist figure of his time, as well as being an important philosopher. Dōgen emphasized the primacy of shikantaza and the inseparability of practice and enlightenment. His masterpiece, the “Treasury of the Eye of the True Dharma” or “Shobogenzo”, 正法眼蔵, is a collection of ninety-five fascicles on topics ranging from monastic practice to the philosophy of language, and being-time.

First edition. — Buddhismus.


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