Aleister Crowley:
Magick in Theory and Practice


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Aleister Crowley (Pseudonym: The Master Therion):

Magick in Theory and Practice by The Master Therion (being part III of Book 4).

Paris: Lecram Press [privately printed], 1929-1930.

Quarto. ca. 285 x 194 mm. I: XXXI, [1 blank], coloured plate of Master Therion’s sigil, 122, [1], [1 blank] pp. — II: pp. 123-205, [1 blank] — III: pp. 207-301, [1 blank] — IV: pp. 303-436, [1 blank], [1]. ❦ Werden nach den Formatangaben Maße in Millimetern genannt, beziehen sich diese auf die Blattgrößen, Höhe vor Breite, i. A. gemessen in den Buchblockmitten. The b/w plate “The signs of the Grades” loosely inserted in Section 4; with numerous b/w illustrations in the text.

Original red wrappers, bound in four sections, each section with title printed in black on upper cover. Uncut, unopened. ❦ Werden innerhalb der Einbandbeschreibungen die Einbandgrößen angeführt, so steht Höhe vor Breite vor Dicke.
An dieser Stelle befindliche bibliographische Angaben beziehen sich auf den Buchbinder bzw. den Einband.

Original red wrappers, bound in four sections, each section with title printed in black on upper cover. Uncut, unopened. Crowley’s magnum opus and the foundation of modern magick. “By issuing ‚Magick‘ in four parts, he [Crowley] told Yorke, we save 12% buying tax” (Richard Kaczynski: Perdurabo, p. 346).
¶ “Crowley chose the paper for the wrappers on 4 February 1929 and the first pages of proofs were delivered on 14 or 15 February 1929. (...) but not until well after the date of the equinox, on 12 April 1929, did Crowley have an advance copy in his hands. (...) but as late as 10 December 1929 the 3,000 copies of ‚Magick‘ were still unbound. (...) the stock was transferred to the Mandrake Press in London and only 1930 put on the market” (d’Arch Smith pp. 15-16).
¶ “The title page of this edition gave the author as The Master Therion, as well as the subtitle ‚Book Four, Part III‘. It also included a one-page table of contents and the color plate of the Lamen of the Master Therion; the illustrations of the Signs of the Grades were given on a separate sheet, inserted loosely. Only Section I can be definitely dated to 1929, section IV, and perhaps II-III, were still not printed by early 1930. On completion the stock was shipped to London, and many copies were cut down and rebound with top edges gilt in a one-volume reddish buckram subscriber’s edition, in a dustjacket. Individual copies of this edition vary. All apparently lacked the color plate, but some copies have the sheet giving the Signs of the Grades bound in, as well as a variant table of contents (paginated pp. xxxi-xxxiv). The title page of the subscriber’s edition gave the author as both The Master Therion and Aleister Crowley, omitted the subtitle ‚Book Four, Part III‘, and gave the publication date as 1929 (i. e., the year that section of the book was produced; 1930 is its correct publication date).” (Hymenaeus Beta in “Magick. Liber ABA. Second revised edition”. York Beach, 2004. p. 726).
¶ “Magick in Theory and Practice was the first modern textbook on the subject in English” (Kaczynski: Perdurabo, p. 341).

Lower corner slightly bumped, small stamp of Sydney H. French | 60 St. Nicholas Ave., N. Y. City on half-title and last blank pages. Uncut, unopened. In very fine condition.

Erste Ausgabe, erster Druck. In vier roten Original-Broschuren, jeweils mit dem schwarz gedruckten Titel auf dem Vorderdeckel. Unbeschnitten, unaufgeschnitten. Untere Ecke leicht gestaucht, sonst sehr gut erhalten. Komplett mit der Farbtafel sowie der s/w Tafel der zehn Grade, die Section IV lose einliegend beigegeben ist.

First edition, first issue. Yorke 62.C.(a) - Fuller p. 18 - Parfitt/Drylie 112-115 - d’Arch Smith pp. 15-16 - Clute/Grant 237. ❦ Bibliographische Angaben zu diesem Buch: soweit verfügbar werden zuerst Personalbibliographien angeführt, dann Sachbibliographien und allgemeine.


Ein Weltreisebuch, es gelangte aus weiter Ferne zu mir und verließ mich in weite Ferne.

Als Beigabe ein wahres Buch des geschätzten Verfassers:
Aleister Crowley: The Book of Lies

Richard Kaczynski: Perdurabo. The Life of Aleister Crowley. Tempe, Arizona: New Falcon Publications, 2002. Large Octavo. 555, [5] pp. (incl. index). Original red leatherette, spine and upper cover gilt with title. One of 111 numbered and signed copies of the special edition, signed by Richard Kaczynski on the title. This is probably the best Crowley biography. Includes a bibliography of Crowley’s published works, i. e. books, articles and essays; books on Crowley etc.
Richard Kaczynski: Perdurabo