Edward Burne-Jones: Autograph letter to A. J. HipkinsAbbildungDeskription

Edward Burne-Jones: Autograph letter to A.J. Hipkins

Musicologist and antiquarian

Edward Burne-Jones:

Autograph letter to A. J. Hipkins, signed „EBJ“, in envelope date stamped May 24th 1894.

London, 1894.

178 × 113 mm. [1], [3 blank] pp.

Two leaves, envelope.

Alfred James Hipkins (1826-1903), musicologist and antiquarian, who collected and wrote on „historic, rare and unique“ musical instruments, see DNB. Hipkins initially worked as a piano tuner for J. Broadwood and Sons, piano makers. He went on to write a series of works relating to musical instruments, musicology and composers, some in collaboration with his daughter Edith. His publications include „Canter lectures on musical instruments, their construction and capabilities“ (London, 1891); „A comparison of various tuning forks by means of a monochord“ (London, 1869); „A description of the history of the pianoforte and of the older keyboard stringed instruments“ (London, 1896); „Dorian and Phyrgian reconsidered from a non-harmonic point of view“ (London, 1902); „How Chopin played“ (J. M. Dent and Sons, London); and „Musical instruments: historic, rare and unique“ (A. & C. Black, Edinburgh, 1888).
¶ Text: „My dear Mr. Hipkins | How kind you are to | me - I wish to [have] a look at | Maynard’s book. | Meantime the form of | the instrument I want is | this [ink sketch of a French horn] | do you think this is anything | like the ***? I will write (?) you as soon | as I have | looked at | your book. | Yours truly | EBJ.“

Very good.

The British Library, London, holds Hipkins’ correspondence and papers, 1795-1927 (Ref: Add MSS 41636-39); the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, has letters to William King, 1st Earl Lovelace, 1868-1880 (Ref: Dep Lovelace Byron); Surrey History centre contains miscellaneous letters to Hipkins, 1893-1896 (Ref: LEB/1/213-25).